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Boost your business efficiency by easily digitalising your processes and interactions with your customers


Android’s development environment makes it easy for businesses to transform traditional processes into applications. Our open Android OS makes it possible for you to run those applications.


By using the Yetitablet as a tactile interface, you, your colleagues and customers can have seamless access to those mission-critical applications. This can help you gather more feedback from your customers, enable them to pay you, welcome visitors to your office, or connect other movings parts in your business. Your imagination is your limit.


Sounds great, but you don’t have the programming skills in-house? Don’t worry, our team of software engineers can develop your custom apps. If your intended use case requires weather proofing, a specific screen size, OS, processing power, or any other hardware customization, we can also take care of it from design, through manufacturing and implementation.


Learn how we are helping one of the leading parking providers in the world to modernise their payment terminals.