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Tech Specs

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The YetiTablet is most intuitive and versatile giant android tablet. It is powered by an Open Android OS, high performance hardware and industry-specific application packages.


Turn individual tasks into fun and engaging group activities. Improve the way you learn, communicate, and collaborate. From a digital whiteboard, to video conferencing, to a learning platform and 3 million other applications.



  • Android 7 OS with 3 millions apps

  • Multiple touch points for teamwork

  • 4K UHD resolution

  • Video conference, document sharing, and screen mirroring apps

  • Get the traditional computer experience with external keyboard and a mouse

  • Replace the traditional whiteboard with a smart board apps

  • Compatible with MS Office and G Suite

  • Convert into a smart table with e-Box stand

  • Dual OS, Windows & Android (optional)

  • Water-, dust- and shock-proof (optional)

  • Custom hardware and software development is possible



Use cases

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