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Finnish-produced Yetitablet introduces collaborative learning to Jordanian classrooms

May 2nd, 2018


About Yetitablet

Kuori is a Finnish hardware startup that manufactures the Yetitablet, the most intuitive and versatile giant tablet.

What makes it special is its open Android OS, a high-performance hardware and curated applications that are tailored for different industries like healthcare, education, construction, corporate, tourism, transportation and more.

The Yetitablet enables its users to turn individual tasks into group activities so they can learn, play, communicate and collaborate more efficiently.


Our Story

Maria and Jarkko, parents of 3 children with Asperger's, struggled for years to help their children learn and communicate with the world. In 2015 they discovered how interactive lessons in multimedia classrooms were the key to help their children learn, focus and communicate better.

But the Yetitablet became more than an educational tool. At nursing homes, it is changing the lives of elders and disabled people who before had no access the internet. For construction companies, it became an enhanced way to communicate, collaborate and reduce rework. For businesses, it became a more efficient way to run meetings and communicate with customers.

That's why we build the Yetitablet, because we believe it can make people's lives a little better, happier and brighter every day.

"Developing the Yetitablet is a way for us to help our autistic children connect with the world. More than a business, it's a personal mission that we have to do."

- Maria and Jarkko Jokelainen


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