For senior citizens, disabled or in rehabilitation

The YetiTablet is been used at some of the leading rehabilitation and nursing facilities in the Nordics. It has improved the lives of elders people who before did not have access to basic internet services like communication, information or entertainment. No matter what disabilities people have, everyone should be allowed the same basic rights to access and enjoy technology. That is one of the reasons why we made the YetiTablet, to bring occupational justice to the elderly and disabled.



The YetiTablet's large screen, make it the only option for people with poor sight or motor skills. Plus, its size enables new group activities that before were unimaginable. Our customers have even reported their elders to suffer less dementia attacks with the use of the YetiTablet.


The YetiTablet is perfect for

• On-demand content like Netflix, HBO, Youtube, and Spotify
• Video calls with family and loved ones through Skype
• Group board games like chess, scrabble, monopoly, crosswords and more
• Group memory games to improve brain functions like memory, and concentration
• Music and art applications to stimulate creativity
• Sensory applications with lights and sound for sensory rooms
• Use as a rehabilitation tool with therapists
• If you want more, you can access 3 million applications on the App Store