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A new information and entertainment system for the travel industry


Taking advantage of the shift in consumer behaviour towards on-demand entertainment, the YetiTablet is trying to replace traditional TV's. It enables your customers to consume on-demand content like Netflix, HBO, Youtube, Spotify and 3 million other applications instead of relying only on cable TV. You can turn your traditional TV into a communication channel with your customer and allow your customer to order food, drinks, shop on your store, or submit feedback.

The YetiTablet can also be used in lobbys or information points to help the user navigate maps, find points of interest, and obtain transportation routes.

With the YetiTablet, your customers can:

  • Access on-demand content like Netflix, HBO, Youtube, Spotify
  • Allow your customers to easily access relevant information such as the weather, transportation routes, events nearby, restaurants, opening times, and menus
  • Allow your customers to communicate with your helpdesk or order room service