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Get your stakeholders under a common understanding

  • Improve group communication and collaboration

  • Prepackaged with BIM360 and other CAD/BIM apps

  • Perfect for MS Office and G Suite cloud apps

  • Robust construction that can withstand the toughest conditions

  • Aluminum frame and shock resistant glass

  • Water- and dust-proof

  • Sizes 27-98”


We know how costly it can be when your stakeholders are not under a common ground, and we don’t blame them. Trying to perceive and communicate design decisions can be very difficult on a small screen that can disturb how the information is understood. This ends up wasting a lot of time and creating rework.

Being able to perceive CAD and BIM files on a giant screen makes it easier for the viewers to understand the design intentions. It’s also easier to interact and make changes in real-time with CAD and BIM apps like Autodesk’s BIM 360.

The YetiTablet is the only solution suitable for construction as it’s designed to withstand the toughest environments. It is built on a robust aluminium frame, a shock resistant glass, and is water- and dust-proof.