Outdoor Displays

All-in-one solution

  • Outdoor digital signage that enhances customer experience and makes public spaces more interactive

  • Kuori's displays can be used in all environments, including urban areas, hospitality, retail centers, and ski resorts

  • Large and rugged displays with integrated hardware plus casing solution – media player included

  • Easy to purchase, install and maintain

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Touch Screens

Customization through modular design

  • Kuori’s screens are based on a modular design and can be customized on a mass scale to meet specific customer needs

  • We ensure mass production readiness within weeks instead of months

  • We handle complex and demanding installation and software integrations

  • Android OS that ensures continuous support for software compatibility and security

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Payment Terminals

Intended for indoor and outdoor environments, such as restaurants or outdoor parking lots

  • Easily integrated with customers’ existing IT systems

  • Modular design enables low life-cycle cost (LCC) and the ability to upgrade the terminal hardware as needed

  • Runs Android/Windows/Linux OS ensuring seamless integration to transaction back-end and payment software

Temperature range from -40°C up to +50°C.

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