Outdoor Touchscreens

Outdoor Touch Screens

Kuori’s outdoor touch screens bring the next wave of modern digital interactions and user experience to harsh environments.

With the ability to withstand heat, coldness, liquids, corrosives, dust and metallic particles, Kuori’s touch screens help you expand the use of your software even in the most extreme conditions. 

Designed in Finland, Kuori’s touch screens can be used 24/7, monitored, as well as managed remotely, and are easy to maintain  due to their modular structure. 

Our devices are made to endure harsh conditions with up to IP68 and temperature range from -40C up to +50C.

Standard Technical Specification

• Size: Starting from 21,5”  

• Resolution: 1920 x 1080 

• Surface: 3mm tempered safety glass 

• Screen Treatment: anti-glare, anti-reflection, anti-UV 

• Brightness: 1500 nits  

• Performance: 4GB RAM / 32GB internal storage 

• Operating system: Android OS*

* Also available in Windows and Linux OS

Thermal  Management 

Kuori’s innovative cooling and heating system maintains indoor-like  environment within the screen which ensures its long lifetime 

• This is enabled by combining computer science with mechanical  and thermodynamic engineering in a unique way

Harsh Environments

• Up to IP68 

• Temperature controlled, temperature range from -40 to +50 oC 

• Anti-reflection, anti-glare, anti-UV treatment 

• Galvanized steel structure for longevity 

• 24/7 use in bright conditions

Customization Through Modular Design 

• Kuori’s screens are based on modular design and mass customized to a specific customer need  

• Depending on customer need, we ensure mass production readiness  within weeks instead of months enabled by modular and standardized product structure

• Demanding installations and software integrations  

• Certified Android OS that ensures continuous support for software compatibility  and security