About us

On a mission to increase modern form of digitalization in challenging environments

Kuori is a technology leader in its niche enabled by ability to combine electronical, mechanical, thermodynamical and software engineering

in a unique way. Kuori's display and touch screen solutions have indoor-like environment that prolongs the lifecycle of the electronics and

therefore lowers total cost of ownership and also reduces scrap.

Kuori in a Nutshell:

  • Manufactures industrial display and touchscreen solutions that endure any conditions

  • Displays and touch screens mass customized to customer needs - enabled by a modular structure 

  • Official GMS partnership with Google being one of the very few companies with an official license to produce certified Android- powered large display solutions

We have served a number of different industries and customers that operate in challenging environments. They all benefit from our ability to enable digital interactions in an environmentally challenging spot.

Therefore our customers are typically e.g. software producers who get more users when we enable the use of their software in environments that are challenging.

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