Yetitablet School

For schools, preschools and day care centers

Easy-to-use and functional digital tools play a key role in learning now and in the future.   Yetitablet in sizes 55″-98″ is excellent for use in classrooms. Easy and intuitive, Yetitablet takes into consideration the schools learning values and modular structure.

Yetitablet can be used as the teachers aid for presentating but also for use by pupils individually or in groups. The Yetitablet can be mounted on the table or on a wall.  The tablets offer a platform for partner products, in addition to the millions of free applications provided by Google Play Store. We are building an ecosystem where our company not only provides a top quality device, but also new applications for learning.

Values in consideration

We have developed a product, that is competitive with the worlds most well known learning tehcnology companies. We take it a bit further – we take the schools values into concideration.

• Easy to use, intuitive Android is inspiring! The children can use it immediately
• We help solve the digitalization of schools, by bringing a strong support in the use of our product
• Our solution integrates easily into the world of the teacher and the students, not the other way around
• Team work between students is easy on the Yetitablet. The tablets are no longer only tools of the staff, but also a learning tool for the students

We are constantly developing and evolving and reacting quickly – developement of the product takes places together with the end users.