Yetitablet Info

Versatile Yetitablet

Yetitablet has multilple practical applications, depending on its location. The Yetitablet is more than suitable as an infoscreen in a lobby or outdoors. The most common info-screen sizes are 55″, 65″, 84″ and 98″. All sizes can be manufactured as infoscreens on demand.

Display useful information
to your visitors

  • Interior map of the building
  • Shows the route to desired location in the building
  • Can be used to show available conference rooms or if a certain person is in the building
  • Can be used for booking conference rooms
  • Can be used as an information channel:
  • Opening hours
  • Show nearby restaurants and their menus
  • Show travel routes and means of communication
  • Follow customer flow and take customer feedback
  • Display local news and weather
  • Adverts and stunning 4K-videos can be shown on the screen when in screen saver –mode