Yetitablet Care

For senior citizens and rehabilitation

Yetitablet has been proven efficient in nursing homes and during rehabilitation. The versatile device and large size guarantee practicality. The same device can be used also for entertainment and informing. Yetitablet combines and excellent user experience with a large selection of content and easily modifiable design with cost efficiency.

The Yetitablet is easy and intuitive – a user who is familiar with smartphones and tablet computers masters the Yetitablet immediately. Due to its large screen, the Yetitablet can be used by several users at once. We are constantly developing the Yetitablet together with our customers, and looking for applications that fit their needs.

With Yetitablet Care you can offer customers

• Motivating, new outlets for engagement and creativity
• On demand –entertainment with 4K –image quality
• Skype-video calls to family and loved ones
• Sensory applications: Sounds and lights for sensory rooms
• Memory applications: Activate the elderly with fun activities
• Music & art applications: Create your own music and art
• Motoric benefits thanks to large screen and gymnastics apps