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The powerful and versatile Yetitablet is available in sizes 27″-99″ 

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Yetitablet offers new digital possibilities for education, care, business and construction.

Finnish innovation — The world’s first supersized Android tablet

Made by Kuori Oy, Yetitablet is the world’s first full-blooded, high-quality supersized Android tablet.

Yetitablet combines a phenomenal user experience, large content selection and an easily modifiable exterior into one cost-effective solution.

Yetitablet is easy and intuitive to use: if you know how to use a tablet, you know how to use Yetitablet. Due to it’s large size, Yetitablet is multiuser-friendly for both wall and table configurations.

Professional components and updateability guarantee a durable product with a lengthy service life. We are constantly cooperating with our clients to improve our product, while helping them choose the right software for their needs.

The anatomy of a Yetitablet

  • A familiar Android environment, with millions of apps available through Google Play Store
  • 4k image quality and a powerful 8-core processor
  • Multi-touch capable, with up to 36 simultaneous points of contact
  • Modular, easy to service & update
  • Low maintenance and built to withstand 24/7 use
  • USB, Bluetooth, WiFi, 4G and GPS
  • Safe — we use high-quality materials and tempered safety glass
  • Waterproof models available
  • An adjustable stand broadens the range of potential uses
  • Extensive customer support — for applications as well, if needed

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